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Love Boxes Project with the Salvation Army

Our church is partnering with CFC and the Salvation Army to give Love Boxes to people in need in our area.

On December 2nd, Salvation Army will be serving food to homeless and people with low income from the area. BCC and CFC will set a table by their food truck and will distribute love boxes to those coming: adults (men and women), kids (boys or girls).

How you can help:

The way you can help and bless one of them is putting some items in a shoebox. Please add a note wishing happy holidays and/or encouragement words plus the description of who it is for (man, woman, boy, girl).


- Clothing:

Shirts and pants, Underwear, PJs, Shoes and socks, Slippers, Wrist watch, Hat/scarf/mittens, Sunglasses, Bandana, Hair bows.

- Personal Care Items: Comb, Hairbrush, Toothbrush, Washcloth, Bar soap (packaged and/or in a container), Toothpaste, Adhesive bandages (Colorful ones can help a child be more willing to wear a bandage. Do not include liquid antibiotic ointment.), Blankets, Non-liquid lip balm, Flashlight (solar-powered or hand-crank; if battery operated, be sure to include extra batteries of the type needed)

- Toys:

Doll, Stuffed animal, Small musical instrument (such as a harmonica or woodwind recorder), Foam ball, Finger puppets, Slinky, Etch A Sketch, Interactive toys that include push buttons, lights, noise (include extra batteries), Tennis ball, Play cars/trucks/boats, Plastic tools, Plastic dinosaurs, Sports cards, Puzzles, Binoculars.

- Crafts/activities:

Pencils, Small manual pencil sharpener, Colored pencils, Pencil case, Pens, Crayons, Markers, Coloring pads, Coloring books, Picture book, Notebooks, Glue stick (Do not include liquid glue.), Small adhesive tape, Watercolor set [Finger paint palette/crayons/markers (non-liquid containers), paint brushes, canvas or paper], Building blocks, Playdough (Consider adding plastic cookie cutters as non-sharp utensils the child can use with the playdough.), Stickers.

- Make your own items such as finger puppets and friendship bracelets.

Please, bring your box(es) to church during the month of November. Last pick up date is Wednesday, November 29th.

For more information, please contact Ellie at

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