What's on your mind right now? Are you thinking of food, work, children, your spouse, or an obscure thought?  Often times are minds drift from one thought to the next throughout any given day. Thoughts seem to come at us from a wide variety of sources: surroundings, our mental "to-do" list, our families, our fears and anxieties, and a number of other variables. 

What should we be thinking about? How can we know when thoughts may come to us from God, as opposed to ourselves?  What control do we have over our minds?  When Jesus said Love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, what did he intend loving God with our minds to look like? 

If any of those questions have ever run through your mind, then join us this Sunday as we consider what being stewards of our minds may entail. Hope to see you this Sunday at 5PM!