What does that entail, "Walking in Love”?  We are not talking about romantic love, or even brotherly love, rather agape love. As the Greeks had three words to distinguish love, Christ calls us to have an attitude marked by selfless love for others. 

So when the rubber meets the road and we are making our way through our normal routines of life, how is God's love seen in us, or is it?  Are we quick to share? Are we known for listening and demonstrating compassion? Do we find ways to serve others?  Do we allow conversations to be about the other person we are speaking to instead of directing the subject back on ourselves? There are so many seemingly small ways that can demonstrate God's love, without us ever doing anything major. It is those consistent selfless acts of love that can often yield the greatest impact, if we allow God's Spirit to be seen in and through us.

Consider this week how you can love those along your daily path and join us this Sunday at 5pm as we discuss our 4th Core Value: Loving Everyone Else.