Chirst-centered Life: A TIME FOR CHANGE

Everyone responds differently to change. Some people resist it, others are indifferent to it and few people actually thrive in it. I do not believe in change simply for change sake; however, regardless of our differing personalities and how we may react to change, change is upon us as a church in several areas.

Due to the timing of Embassy Suites telling us that there would be no way to offer us a steady meeting place for approximately 3 months, the leadership team spent a great deal of time praying and surveying other potential venues.  We decided on the use of Christ Community Church on Sunday evenings for several reasons, but suffice it to say that we all felt that this was the right decision given our scenario. For more details regarding changes at J10, please click on the link below to listen to this past Sunday's message. 

This Sunday we will resume our Christ-centered Life series.  Hope you can join us at 5PM at our new location.