We like people who like us. Have you ever thought about that?  When you are unsure of a person (let's call him Joe for example) and then someone comes and says to you, "I was speaking with Joe and he told me how amazing he thinks you are and believes you are a true leader."

What do you feel as you consider Joe?  Wow, I really like Joe - he is a good guy.  Now imagine the opposite is true. You run into that same person, but instead they say, "I saw Joe yesterday and he said that you are a real idiot and that he does not believe in you."  Let those words sink in.  Now how do you feel about Joe?  Do you have a feeling of love for Joe or are you like the majority of humanity who would most likely respond with feelings of dislike for Joe. We live in a world that operates just like that.  

The previous Sunday we considered what it means to Love God - our numero uno Core Value and the Greatest Command (Matt. 22:38).  This Sunday we will be considering community, dealing with the second Greatest Command; and our second Core Value: love each other. Jesus' standard for love was to love others the way that we desire to be loved. Wouldn't that entail liking people, as we desire to be liked? It is amazing that we all want to be liked and yet I wonder why we don't always want to do the same in return. I hope you are able to join us this Sunday at 5pm. - Will