During the month of September we are reviewing our core values, while at the same time, doing our best to seek God in the process.  This past Sunday we made the decision to take the 30-Day challenge.  "Just what does that entail?" I'm glad you asked! My trainer in Young Life (Chuck Reinhold - featured with his wife Linda) use to give us this challenge when I was a trainee with Young Life, in order to help us grow in our faith and relationship with Jesus.

If you accept the challenge, you are agreeing to do your best to spend 30 straight days carving out time each day to read your Bible and to talk and listen to God.  In addition to reading & praying, keep a pen and journal handy, ready to capture any ideas that God brings to your mind in the process.  Be sure to write down any idea or prayer concerns so that you can look back later as a reminder of God's faithfulness. 

Lastly, invite another person or persons to hold you accountable and take the challenge as well. If either person misses a day, you agree to start over again and continue on that plan until you two can both spend a month of daily time with God, without missing a day.  You do not need to be together to do this challenge and you can both choose different things to read in the Bible, so the plan has flexibility.