This past week contained a few unexpected curveballs! Who would have thought that churches in the Northern Virginia area would be cancelled due to the largest local snow storm in 98 years? Who would have guessed that schools would be closed, at least through Wednesday? Who would have imagined that more than half of our Costa Rica mission team would come down with the stomach flu while trying to serve abroad, and then be unable to return home as expected? The answer: Not us.  While we may not have been preview to this information a week ago, God was not caught by surprise by a single detail.

How do we trust God when life throws us a curveball?  When the details of life become difficult and catch us off guard, how can we remain available with a positive attitude? While I personally witnessed examples of people serving foster children of Hogar de Vida in Costa Rica, despite stomach pain and sickness, I also read encouraging stories online of others serving neighbors in the winter storm. Neighbors shoveling the driveways of those unable to physically do the labor, others driving medical staff to the hospital with all terrain vehicles, delivering meals and medicine... The list of those who remained "available" despite their difficult circumstances is a testimony to character.

How about you? What helps you overcome in difficult times and trust God regardless of unforeseen circumstances?