Imagine you decided to build an addition on your home to surprise friends and family for the holidays. You receive bids, find a contractor to do the work, and his team gets started. You are excited, as is your family. Neighbors stop by to see the new home improvements and consider doing something similar. You paid the security deposit to get the work underway, but when the contractor asks you for the next installment, you realize you do not have any money left to complete the project. You are embarrassed, your family is upset, the neighbors are wondering what is going on, and the home owners association is about to send you notices, and a potential fine. How would you feel? Would you ever imagine starting a home improvement job without first considering if you had the funding to complete the job?

In the same regard, Jesus asks anyone considering the role of being His disciple, to first consider the cost. We began discussing this past Sunday a bit of what it means to be a disciple (student), or follower of Jesus.