What are you committed to? What thoughts occupy your mind on a regular basis? Who do you try to please on a given day or week? Whether or not we know how to answer these questions, they define what matters in our lives. 

Jesus once asked His closest followers a defining life question in Mark chapter 8, "Who do you say that I am?"  He began by asking them who other people thought He was, but that is not nearly as important of a question, (unless of course you spend your life  trying to please others).  

There are two answers to Jesus' question worth considering.  The first is the verbal description that we would use to explain what we believe about Jesus. We may be tempted to use theological terms and commonly accepted churchy words when responding to this question.  However, the second element holds much more significance. That question is, "What does the life we are living say about Jesus?" In other words, we may describe Jesus as Savior and Lord, yet by watching our lives we may only grant him an hour a week of our time.  This exercise would hardly make Him Lord of our lives.  Another metric when evaluating our true belief of Jesus is, "What does the way we use our money say about Jesus?" I am not simply implying the practice of contributing in a church offering plate. I mean when we see a human in need, does that move us to sacrifice? 

As we have been exploring what it means to be a disciple of Jesus, and what making disciples looks like practically speaking, a critical element to following Jesus is "COMMITMENT."  How committed are we to Jesus when we take an honest look at our lives?