If you had to brainstorm a way to save the world, what sort of plan would you concoct? How would you communicate love, and truth, to a suffering mankind if you were God? A megaphone perhaps, the Internet, text messaging, or some other form of social media? Would you run for office to legislate change, and gain a public voice? Would you star in a major motion picture to influence the masses, or make a dramatic entry from heaven in the sky to demonstrate your power?  

I am not sure what your best idea would be, but I am aware that His ways are not our ways, and whatever our brightest answer may be, no one would have chosen for the King of Kings to enter the world in humility as an infant.  No one would have imagined that the way to reach all of humanity was to invest in a small band of blue collar unlikely characters, and walk with them as students to inspire a revolution. I doubt we would believe that the way to win back power over sin and death, is through death itself. The Kingdom life is counterintuitive, yet in considering it in hindsight, it makes all the sense in the world.