As a kid, I remember a man who showed up at our home in Reston, Virginia to demo a Kirby vacuum cleaner. I do not believe my parents invited him or had expressed the need for a new vacuum cleaner. However, I recall his convincing presentation that me and my siblings sat there in our jammies watching. He was convincing - challenging my mom to a duel. He simply dumped dust onto our carpet and had my mom vacuum it up with our family vacuum. When she had thoroughly gone over the area, the Kirby man confidently went over the same area, picking up loads more dirt that our model was ill equipped to pick up.  The hook was set and my mom and dad shelled out the money because they were sold.  

The man selling was confident and willing to share with a stranger about the product that he clearly used in his own home. He would not have sold the product so well if he had not been so clearly convinced that it was the best. It's hard to sell the car you don't own or drive. 

How convinced are you and I in Jesus?  We may be quick to say that He is Lord of our lives, but do we allow Him to truly lead us in every day decisions?  What amount of time do we make to sit before His Spirit and invite Him to speak into our lives?  Are we sold?