What is the best way to get the message across? Our American society places a very high value on education.  While that is by no means a bad thing, I wonder if classroom style training is the more effective method of training. I was a psychology major at George Mason University and still remember doing a research paper; with a great deal of evidence, I was able to make a strong case that "modeling" is hands down the number one method of parenting.  When it comes to conveying what we truly believe and teaching the next generation, the old expression, "Do as I say, not as I do" truly does not work. Children have a knack for watching their parents and copying our example over what we may say is important.

It is no wonder Jesus never founded a seminary. His method for training those He called and sent was to do life with them. They spent time together and He modeled the life that His Father called Him to live in total dependence.  If we call ourselves followers of Jesus, how much time are we able to spend with Him to learn and how does our own method mirror His style?  It is worth considering as we continue to explore what it means to be "Sent" by Jesus.