When you see something you cannot afford that your friend or neighbor has acquired, are you happy for them or do you wrestle with coveting what they have (or both)? When someone makes you angry, do you nurse a grudge and grow in bitterness or do you extend grace? When you see a person or image that tempts you toward lust, do you do a double take, or turn the other way and invite God to renew your mind? 

What do these scenarios and others like them have in common? They all deal with temptation. Temptation is something that every human has to deal with in terms of our capacity for sin and disobedience. How are you doing when it comes to trusting God in different areas of temptation? James addresses this very subject and has some clear suggestions regarding how we might deal with it. Join us this Sunday at 5pm as we consider this important topic as we continue our study of the Book of James: "Faith in Action."