"Clean, rinse, repeat" are the instructions on the side of most shampoo bottles, in case you have never taken a shower I suppose and are confused with the task of washing hair.  So what do those instructions have to do with us? Great question!

We have been spending a great deal of time discussing the "Bridge Challenge”. This challenge is the life God has called us to live. The 4 practices in the challenge are simply the greatest two commands broken down to love God and love others. We simply took the second command and made it specific to different groups, since Jesus commands us to love each other, to love the church, and because He often was seen eating with "sinners" and "outcasts" who no religious person of His day would take time to love. He did and He expects His followers to do likewise. He created us to live in such a way. So when we finish the Bridge challenge - Seek God about who He wants you to do it with this month (rinse and repeat).