How are your communication skills? When most people respond to that question, they consider how they communicate or articulate their thoughts and ideas. However, communication is two-way. That means that in order to be a good communicator, one must not only speak well, but they must also listen well.

James is packed full of practical wisdom. In chapter 1, verse 19, he encourages his readers to be "quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry."  How are you when it comes to listening? Are you known to have a short fuse and become aggravated easily? God cares about how we treat others, and James wants to remind followers of Jesus that these things really do matter. 

What sort of listener do you believe God to be? When we consider communication as two-way, does our prayer time allow for us to listen to God or merely time for us to make requests? Relationships and good communication always goes both ways.