Who do you love? When you love someone, what active form does that take? Last week I was moved by the love of two people who texted and called me numerous times throughout the week. What's so compelling about that, you wonder? They are in their 80s and they were moved to go to San Diego to search for their son Ed. Yes, the same Ed who I have looked for on the streets of San Diego! I got calls every time they had a new lead. They shared with a fervor, "We have spoken with police departments, social services, homeless shelters, psychiatric hospitals, old friends, homeless people and the coroners office and we want to find our son. We want him to know we love him before we die or are too old to walk these streets." What would you do if your son, daughter, sister, brother, mom or dad was homeless? What form would love take for you? The intimate Father God was not ok with you and I being lost, similar to my friend's parents. He sent Jesus so that we might know His love for us. His love took an active sacrificial form. How about our love for others and God?

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