Ever commit to an exercise plan only to fail miserably, and end it with a large loaded pizza, or ice cream? Why is it that whenever we decide to get our bodies into alignment with our desire of our spirit, (in a way that causes discomfort), it is just so easy to cave? Let's start this year differently! Let's allow the cry of our spirits, and our hunger for God, to dictate our actions, even when our flesh cries out. Let's decide for 40 days at the ...front end of 2017 to put God at the top of our priority list.

It was not by chance that Jesus chose to launch His ministry here on earth with 40 days in the wilderness. He made the decision to deny his body any food, while He looked to His Father in Heaven for direction. Pray about what you might want to fast over the next 40 days, as you seek direction and purpose in your life going forward. See the 40 Days of Impact Challenge (below), and decide today to get started.

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