As this year comes to an end, what would you like to leave behind, and what would you like to see change? Jesus offers change. He offers life. Jesus offers a release from chains that can enslave us. He has the ability to restore broken relationships, and bring healing where there is pain and suffering. What areas of your life has a Jesus changed? Which areas would you like to see Him change or make new?

In the 9th chapter of John's gospel, Jesus heals a man born blind. Rather than praise God for the miracle, the religious leaders chose to find fault, accusing Jesus of breaking God's law by healing on the sabbath. When the man was interrogated by the religious men he simply responded, "I was blind, and now I see."  Can we declare definitive change in our lives? As we reflect on lessons learned in 2016, and consider the year ahead, let's invite the changing power of Jesus in our own lives as we continue to follow Him.