Have you ever felt lonely? It is amazing that we, as humans, can be in a crowd, yet still experience feelings of loneliness. The Bible says that it is NOT GOOD for man to be alone (Genesis 2:18). This is precisely the reason God left the comforts of heaven to make Himself known through Jesus. It is for this same reason that Jesus was willing to sacrifice Himself on the cross, to remove any barrier that may hinder our ability to be in close relationship with Him. 

Long before Arnold Schwarzenegger said the phrase, "I'll be back" with his thick Austrian accent, Jesus said the same thing to His followers. In fact, He first predicted His own death, but told His friends not to worry, since He would be back. When He made good on His promise and rose from the dead, He spent 40 days meeting with people, and demonstrating His love and power. God demonstrated His love, being present. 

There are times when our presence may be the best way to demonstrate our love for one another. When a person is sick, down and out, celebrating a milestone, in need of help moving, or dealing with loneliness, it makes a difference if we are present. We can even talk to God in prayer, and ask Him about who He wants us to visit, or seek out as a demonstration of our love. It is for this reason that I am back in San Diego, California to search for my childhood friend Ed Pelzner. We want him to know he is loved by the act of our presence here searching for him. Who is God calling you to love and show up for? Why not ask Him in prayer, and if He brings someone to mind, act in it.