In Ezekiel 22, God mentions to his prophet, that He was looking for a person to stand in the gap. What does it mean to stand in the gap for another? How are we to carry each other's burdens and turn to God on another's behalf?

In Luke 22, Jesus told Peter that Satan had asked God's permission to ground, or sift, Peter like wheat. How would you react if you heard that the devil himself had taken an interest in you, and asked if he might crush you? Just as Pe...ter may have felt anxiety or panic setting in, Jesus then added, "I have prayed for you (vs.32)." Having Jesus Christ intercede, or stand in the gap, on our behalf would be a lift. In fact, in John 17:20, Jesus did pray for us. We are in good hands! Protecting, caring, loving hands.

What are the implications for you and me? How are we to stand in the gap for others and pray regularly for them? Does it really make a difference?