What are you doing this week that has to do with fulfilling your life’s purpose? Our lives are packed with all sorts of busy activity. However, how many of those check lists seem to be driving us toward who we were created by God to be?

In the center of Luke's gospel there is a sharp turning point. Jesus had grown up, selected his disciples and begun his ministry, and yet in the midst of his ministry here on earth, he took a sharp turn. In Luke 9:51, we are told that Jesus set his face to Jerusalem. What was there and why was he so driven to press ahead? He knew his purpose. He knew that he had come to die for the sins of mankind, and Jerusalem was the city where it was going to happen. He set out resolutely in that direction. His life’s purpose defined what he said yes to, and what he said no to.

How in touch with your life's purpose are you? What decisions do we make in the affirmative with that in mind, and what do we say no to based on this?