Imagine a friend calls to warn you about an impending attack. Then you realize that a group of people are determined to take your life and you’re extremely outnumbered. Do you panic? Who do you turn to for help?

This was the situation for Elisha and his servant (2 Kings 6). The two men had very different responses. While his servant panicked and was terrified, the prophet merely prayed and asked the Lord to open his eyes. That would seem like a strange request if you both had 20/20 vision. Why pray for eyes that can see?

The Lord allowed Elisha to miraculously see into the spiritual realm. For that reason, he knew that the Lord had angels present that far outnumbered those who wanted to take their lives. God answered Elisha's prayer, and so his servant immediately saw into the spiritual realm. In an instant, he realized that God's army was all they needed to be safe. His terror was replaced with peace to know the Lord had their back.

What accounted for the servant to change his perspective so quickly? How often do we consider the spiritual realm, and the fact that God has our back? How can our awareness of this truth impact our prayer lives? Join us this Sunday as we consider God's perspective. He always sees the complete picture.