A military hero was addressed as a "mighty warrior". He could not comprehend the greeting, and even questioned the man speaking to him by asking, "Who, me?" Why would a victor from the battlefield respond in such a way, you might wonder? Quite simply, he had not even fought his first battle. The angel speaking to Gideon, was addressing him as the man he had been created to become. The Lord knew that once Gideon stepped into his identity and began living out his purpose, that he would destroy false idols, build an altar to God sacrificed to Him, and go on to recruit an army. Not only did he march onto the battlefield, but he did so knowing that he was seriously outnumbered. Gideon was willing to move forward because he knew that God had chosen him to do so. He began to step into his identity, and realize his purpose once God made it clear, and what the steps were.

How about you and me? Do we understand our true purpose and identity? Are we willing to step out and trust God in tangible ways?