There really is nothing like realized vision. I have sat through countless graduations celebrating the accomplishments of students who endured learning to achieve a degree of some kind. I have taken part in sport's banquets when athletes are honored for success on the court, or field of play.  I have stood before couples and have had the privilege of officiating their wedding ceremonies, for men and women who had the dream of one day finding their love. There is such an exhilaration when vision is realized, when a dream becomes reality! 

Here, at the end of the books of Ezra and Nehemiah, the temple had been built and the wall had been repaired. The nation was poised for a rebirth. Such a feat was only possible with the Lord, but He chooses men and women, like you and me, to carry it out. What is your dream? Are you trusting God to carry it out? Let's take steps of faith toward the life He has called us to live, and the vision He is encouraging us to step into! 

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