They say that the number one rule of real estate is: "location, location, location!" I am not a realtor, but that makes sense. We recently visited my wife's alma mater (Palm Beach Atlantic University), to share about mission trips and an internship opportunity. As is my habit when traveling, I pulled out my realtor.com app to see how cheap one could buy a place near the beach there. I was amazed to see a few single family homes in Riviera Beach (less than a mile from the ocean), listed between $47 & $60k. I inquired about these potential investment properties, asking Sandra's friend Wendy who is a local resident. She responded, "that is the number one crime area in the county, with shootings almost nightly." My take away was, "It's inexpensive but it could cost you your life." Location, location, location! 

We have coined a similar phrase with our teams, when traveling for missions: "flexibility, flexibility, flexibility." We would say that this may be the number one rule of missions. Nothing seems to go the way you want, it is not the time you want, nor does it cost the amount you estimated. This calls for flexibility.

Nehemiah and Ezra had to be flexible when carrying out their BIG God inspired dreams. When things did not go as they predicted, and the struggle seemed more than they had anticipated, they had to take the original vision and revise it to account for the unexpected.  How do you handle unexpected change?