Broken King

Have you ever seen a person that started off well, but who did not necessarily finish in the same way? You see this in athletics, in business, in relationships, in the music industry, and even on silly shows like Dancing with the Stars. I have sat on the edge of my seat, cheering for my favorite sports teams, thinking that this might be their year. Despite the start of the season, you never know how they may perform when it really counts; when they are in the running for the playoffs. It can be extremely frustrating to watch them (yes, the Redskins), blow it when they have all the talent, and opportunity, to pull it off.  

At the same time, when I do a wedding and have high hopes for a couple, only to hear from them a few years later that they are considering throwing in the towel, I wonder what happened. And so it is with King David. He has an amazing start. He is humble, he loves God, has Goliath size faith, and then along comes Bathsheba. What can we learn from David's life?  No one wants to fail in the things that matter most in this life, especially in relationships.