I once woke up and could not see a thing. I shouted, "I can't see!" hoping my roommates would hear me. My eyes were covered in a sticky crust that had formed over the night, and as a result it was almost impossible to open my eye lids. I had a bad case of pink eye that had spread from one eye to the other. With some warm water and medicine, I was able to get my eyes open, and see clearly, after 5 or 10 minutes with my head over the sink. The experience left me wondering, what would it be like to wake up blind without a remedy?  

In Mark chapter 10, we read about a man named Bartimaeus, who was born blind. He had an encounter with Jesus which severely impacted his future. Imagine seeing color for the first time! What was it like to see his family, take in the surrounding area, and gaze at a sunset? He must have been overwhelmed. Join in reading along this week as we consider Bart's story, and others like him, who were fortunate enough to be touched with the power of God.