Top reasons for divorce in our culture today: Unfaithfulness, Money, Communication (bad or lack of), Lack of Intimacy, Weight Gain, Abuse, Loss of a Child, the list goes on... Imagine you had a failed marriage, and then another failed marriage, and again... At what point would you call it quits and say, "Marriage is not for me!"    

The woman in this week's primary passage, does not have one failed marriage, or even just two or three, rather, she has five. Five failed marriages, can you even imagine? Who would have the energy? Perhaps this is the reason she is on the 6th man, and has chosen to live with him, rather than tie the knot.  What sort of shame, and blame, might people have for a person such as this? How would you view them, and would you be tempted to judge them?

I love the fact that Jesus is well aware of the woman's situation and background, and yet He engages her. He does not bring up her past to shame her or drive her away. In fact, He offers her living water. She is not even from the same Jewish culture that Jesus is from. How do we handle relationships like this one?

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