Broken Dreamer - Do or Die

Imagine being given an ultimatum: "Do this, or you will die." This was the situation for Daniel, regarding his daily prayer life. This was also the situation with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, regarding idol worship. In addition, Daniel exercised his integrity when it came to standing up to the powers that be, regarding the diet that he felt God wanted him to adhere to. These four men were willing to put their lives on the line, rather than disobey God.

Are there... any values that you feel so strongly from God that you are willing to lay your life down if need be? How seriously do we take the top two commands of loving God completely, and loving our neighbors the way that we love ourselves? Jesus said that those were the most important commands of the entire bible (more than dietary laws). Consider the life God is calling you to live, and the price you are willing to pay, to step into that purpose and God given identity.