I once went wake boarding, and was surprised to get up on my first attempt. A few others in the group took more than one attempt, but two people did not want to try. When I asked them "Why?", they responded, "We did not want to try and fail." I was reminded of a quote by hockey player Wayne Gretzkey, "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." There are those who try and fail, and those who fail to try. While it is rare to have things go our way the first time we make the attempt, faith requires that we take the first step.

This week we are taking time to look at a fisherman by trade, who was not afraid to try. His name was Simon, and he was later renamed Peter (rock), by Jesus Christ. He has numerous recorded mistakes throughout the gospels, yet Peter was never afraid to try, whether that meant stepping out of a boat onto a tumultuous sea, or offering to build shelters atop the Mount of transfiguration.