If you were trying to select the best of the 12 disciples to send on a mission to reach the Gentiles, who would be your pick? You can obviously rule out Judas. And you may want to rule out the other disciple named Judas just to avoid confusion. Thomas is known for doubting, so now you have it down to 9. Can you remember the names of any besides Peter, Andrew, James, and John? So to make it easy, go with one of the most memorable.  Man's logic is often so far from God's logic. Earthly perspective is far from Kingdom perspective. God's ways are not our ways, and His timing is not our timing. The Lord would answer, "none of the above."  

God's logic made a unique selection. He choose the murderer of Stephen, the man who was the first martyr. God's choice was Saul of Tarsus. He was feared by Jesus' followers, and anything but a logical choice. It is the equivalent to admitting that the USA is divided, and asking the question, "what human could lead us into a positive change?" When we all finish making our guesses, God responds, "No, I will use Kim Jong-un, the current leader of North Korea." That is perhaps the reaction of the early church to God's choice. How could you reach such a hard heart? God chose to knock him off of his high horse, strike him blind, and accuse him of wrong doing. God's choice had unbelievable results, not to mention the fact that it sends another power message. That being said, if God can extend grace to a man like Saul when he humbles himself, who is beyond His reach? And the answer is: no one.  

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