Years ago I sat across the aisle from my 3 oldest children while we were flying a transatlantic jumbo jet. My children were probably around the ages of 5, 7 & 9 and I recall watching their reactions when we encountered severe turbulence. My eldest daughter Courtney felt the bumps and laid her head against the window. She was asleep in a matter of minutes as that was her way to deal with some things. My son Murphy was seated across the aisle from me and he ...began nervously asking me questions, “Are we over water?” “If we crash now, how do we get the life jackets under our seats?” “Will we survive?” His questions may have rattled a few people sitting close by. I looked as he dug his fingers into the arm rests. In stark contrast, my youngest son Connor put his hands up as though he was on a roller coaster. “This is fun!” he exclaimed. Three children from the same family with such drastically different responses to a storm.

John 12:37 says, “Even after Jesus had performed so many signs in their presence, they still would not believe in Him.” Imagine that many saw the amazing things that Jesus did and were strengthened in their faith, while others found ways to question Him and it made their faith weaker. How do you respond to trials or positive circumstances? Do they strengthen or weaken your faith in the One who created you?

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