I hope that everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend celebrating with family.  I know that it is also an important time to remember those who have paid the ultimate price for the freedom we enjoy each day.  One of our liberties that is all too easy to take for granted is the freedom of religion.  As we have been studying the Gospel of Luke, we are able to take time each day to open the Bible and consider the life of Jesus.  A freedom that some are not able to enjoy as we do. 

This week is our final week in the book of Luke.  Please take some time to read chapters 22 - 24.  As two men were walking along the road full of discouragement, Jesus showed up and encouraged them through the Scriptures.  They did not even realize that it was Jesus until He broke bread with them.  At that point, their spirits were lifted and they ran to tell the others.  I am not sure if you are wrestling with discouragement or a lack of hope, but I do know that Jesus is present walking beside us all the time and just like these men, it is possible to be unaware.  Just realizing His presence should offer hope. Let's connect with Him this week, as we are free to do so.


Have you ever felt over looked or insignificant?  If so, you are not alone.  As we carry on this week with our study of Luke, chapter 19 gives us a snapshot of a man determined to see Jesus.  He was even willing to climb a tree just to catch a glimpse of Him.  What must have caught him off guard, was when Jesus spotted him up there and called him by name.  More than that, he spent the evening with this little man, having dinner and meeting his friends.  

What an amazing picture of the way God feels about every single human!  He loves us and knows us, no matter how insignificant or alone we may feel.  Jesus waits for us to cry out to Him as He is always near.  Let's connect with Him this week as we continue reading in Luke - chapters 19 - 21.


As we continue reading through the Book of Luke, this week we are reading chapters 12 - 15.  When you get to chapter 15, Jesus tells 3 stories to his audience to communicate one significant point. Something happens in the first two verses that cause Jesus to feel the need to express what God values in contrast to popular opinion in that day. Take some time to consider what God values as you read that chapter.  How do His values match our own?  This Sunday, we will be discussing how to practically live out His values