As we carry on in our study of Luke's Gospel, this week we are reading along in chapters 16 - 18. In chapter 18, Jesus is confronted by a young wealthy man who asks Him what is necessary to receive eternal life.  In the midst of answering this man's question, Jesus let this man know that he was lacking in one area.  He then challenged the man to surrender that area and to follow Him whole-heartedly.  The man walked away with his head hung low, deciding instead to carry on in life without a willingness to trust Jesus with his life.  Let's continue to read through the Book of Luke and to ask ourselves some of the same difficult questions regarding our personal commitment to Jesus. 


For some reason, every time someone mentions the name "Luke", I think of Skywalker, and not the famous doctor, who was responsible for more of the New Testament material than any other single author (27.5%). The recent advertisements for the long awaited Star Wars sequel is not helping the matter.  

If you missed our first week exploring the first portion of Luke's Gospel, it's not too late to play catch up and take the "Luke Challenge."  We are asking that everyone simply take time to read along and explore the chapters for the week. Last week was chapters 1-4, and this coming week is 5-7. So if you are just starting the challenge, simply read the first 7 chapters before Sunday.  Why not keep some paper and a pen close at hand and invite God's Spirit to speak to you as you read along; after all, He is the co-author. Hope you can join us this Sunday at 5pm as we continue to consider the life of Jesus from this physician/reporter's perspective!