In Acts chapter 8, there is an interesting account told about a follower of Jesus by the name of Philip. He was told by an angel to head south down a road from Jerusalem toward Gaza. Most of us would here the word Gaza and consider the constant tension that exists on the Gaza strip to this day. Phil made his way there, although there were no other instructions as to what to do when he was on the road or where his next destination would be. While he was on the road, he saw a chariot with an Ethiopian man reading and God told him to go stand near the chariot. Once again, no further instructions, other than where he should stand.  The man in the chariot happened to be reading a passage from the Old Testament that made absolutely no sense to him.  What transpired was that Phil not only explained the passage but connected it to Jesus. The result was the man coming to know Jesus and he was baptized that day. 

How do we listen to the direction of God's Spirit each day?  What if we sense God wants us to do something or go somewhere but we are not sure what we will do once we get there?  As in this account with Philip, God often only directs us as far as we can see regarding the next few steps ahead. Why does this matter?  Imagine if God told you and me what the next 5 years would hold. I don't know about you, but I would probably charge out with the plan and check back in with God in 5 years time for my next instructions. I believe the Lord cares more about our relationship with Him than He does the tasks. The more important part is staying connected so that we might listen and obey on the daily journey and not get lost on the road. I hope you have an amazing week connecting with God as we read Acts chapters 6 - 9.