For some reason, every time someone mentions the name "Luke", I think of Skywalker, and not the famous doctor, who was responsible for more of the New Testament material than any other single author (27.5%). The recent advertisements for the long awaited Star Wars sequel is not helping the matter.  

If you missed our first week exploring the first portion of Luke's Gospel, it's not too late to play catch up and take the "Luke Challenge."  We are asking that everyone simply take time to read along and explore the chapters for the week. Last week was chapters 1-4, and this coming week is 5-7. So if you are just starting the challenge, simply read the first 7 chapters before Sunday.  Why not keep some paper and a pen close at hand and invite God's Spirit to speak to you as you read along; after all, He is the co-author. Hope you can join us this Sunday at 5pm as we continue to consider the life of Jesus from this physician/reporter's perspective!

Christ-centered Life: GROWING SPIRITUALLY

Due to the change of venue and Easter Sunday, we put off the conclusion of the Christ-Centered Life Series until this Sunday.  Whether you have grown spiritually when facing a major life storm, when spending time getting to know God through the Bible, in community, during worship or while engaged in spiritual exercises (like prayer or fasting), there are a wide variety of tools God can use to help us mature.  This week, we will consider what part service and outreach play as a catalyst toward our spiritual development. Join us this Sunday to hear about exciting opportunities for service and outreach and don't miss the display tables in the foyer immediately following our Sunday service! (Mark 10:45)


I have had the privilege of visiting Israel on two occasions.  While there is some disagreement about which of the two tomb locations were where they believe Jesus' dead body was laid, there is no dispute concerning the fact that no one could find his body three days after his burial.  What is more convincing to note is that more than 500 witnesses saw Jesus after his resurrection (1 Cor. 15:6).  Join us this Sunday, as we celebrate the fact that Jesus is alive!  Hope you can join us at 5PM at our new location.


How do you and I grow spiritually or mature in ways that know Jesus in such a way that He is the lead on our lives?  We have kicked around the idea of daily spiritual exercises that can help us in this area, in addition to the storms of life that can drive us to Jesus in hopes that He will provide peace and calm in a squall. This week we will consider the third of 6 different catalysts which can foster growth: our understanding of the Bible. I hope you can join us early for refreshments - we start at 10am Embassy Suites. Enjoy the snow and stay warm in the meantime!