Our Story

In 2007, New Life Church in Chantilly, VA launched a church service in Ashburn, VA. The new service was led by Pastor Mike Epps, who adopted the name “J10”, as the official Ashburn campus name. J10, was taken from John 10:10, focusing on Jesus’ words: “I came that you might have life, and have it to the full.” The church met in numerous schools and a hotel in Ashburn as Mike faithfully led J10 Church for approximately 7 years. In the summer of 2014, Mike resigned to pursue a career in business. The church hired Will Cravens as their new lead pastor in September of 2014. In spring of 2015, the church moved from Embassy Suites in Ashburn to their present location on Red Rum Drive.

After the entire church took a time to prayerfully consider the direction forward, leadership felt led to make some changes. With numerous churches meeting in Ashburn every Sunday morning, the church decided to begin holding services on afternoons at 5:00pm, to become a church for those who may be unable to attend on Sunday mornings.

Secondly, we took time to consider our CORE VALUES. We defined them as:

  1. Love God (Consider what this looks like on a daily practical level)

  2. Love Each Other (Community - Actually care for others at our church)

  3. Love the Church (Local, National & World-wide that make up the Body of Christ)

  4. Love Everyone Else (Love those who do not believe in God or Christianity)

Thirdly, we decided to change the name of the church to fit the Core Values and direction of the church. We landed on the name BRIDGE COMMUNITY CHURCH, since we shared the desire for Bridge to be a place where we build bridges of relationship with God and with others. As God extended the bridge between humanity and Himself by sending His Son Jesus to come to earth and die for our sins, with the ultimate bridge being the cross of Christ, we believe we should follow His model. We seek to extend the love and grace of God in practical ways that compel us to love and serve here in our own community and beyond.

Lastly, our belief is that our service each Sunday at 5:00pm is merely a huddle. The huddle is only effective if people break from the huddle and make an impact on the field of play. We believe the field of play is everyday life and that our Sunday huddle/service should inspire and motivate us to love God and everyone else we come in contact with during our daily and weekly life routine. If you are looking for a new church to call home, you are more than welcome to join us on any given Sunday. If Bridge is not the right fit for you, we are equally happy to help you find a local church that is, since we are on the same team. We make it a habit of connecting with other local churches and doing what we can to build those relationships, so please let us know if we can help answer any questions as you seek a church to call home.

WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN VISITING: We have a team of friendly greeters that will meet you at the door and answer any questions you might have. Bridge is filled with people who care about our local community, our nation and the world. We believe strongly that faith should be lived out and not just a concept we consider on Sundays.

With that said, we are part of a weekly food distribution program called Celestial Manna Pembrooke, in Sterling, VA, to feed the hungry; we are very involved with the NOVAHTI (https://www.novahti.com/) efforts to help eradicate human trafficking in our area; we volunteer at the Loudoun Youth Shelter, in addition to working with the homeless and running service projects around the globe with Leadership Excursions (www.leadershipexcursions.org).


While our children start in the main service and join in the worship each Sunday, they then head to their classrooms for a lively and engaging kid’s program where they both learn and play, all in the context of biblical teaching. Groups are divided based on age, and the lessons are planned specifically to challenge the children on their level.


We have a weekly service at 5:00pm, with contemporary worship music, a lively children’s program and practical and inspiring teaching from the Bible. We offer light snacks and drinks each week and a potluck dinner on the first Sunday of every month following the service.


Our church address is: 21660 Red Rum Drive, Suite 188, Ashburn, VA 20147