Here at Bridge Community Church we strongly believe in the importance to pray in community.  Prayer is essential to guiding us as a church into everything we do, and is essentially who we are, a praying people.  We inspire others to pray, and intercede for one another while seeking the Father’s face and plan for our lives.  Through intercession, we partner with God to accomplish his will, live out his heart and purposes in our local circles, our cities, our nation and the world.

Our Father, hallowed be thy name, may we continue to be a house of prayer, constantly seeking your face and practicing your presence.  Our deep desire is to commune with the Father daily, and live out our Christ purposed identities as the light of the world in Ashburn and all over the globe. 

Our praying people at Bridge challenges you to enjoy the many exciting and rewarding encounters with the Father through prayer daily by opening with this prayer.


Speak to my heart.
Change my life.
Make me whole.


Please feel free to share with us what God is saying to you today! 

If you are interested in becoming a “Bridge Prayer Warrior,” and want to learn about the various ways you can be a part of serving on the Bridge Prayer Warrior service team, please contact Priscilla Tipeni at  Come pray with us and see what God is doing in the lives of people today.

If you have a prayer request or you feel a desire to pray for those who submit prayer requests and would like to be included on our PRAYER CHAIN, please email Priscilla Tipeni at

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