August 14, 2022
Perhaps you have heard the expression, “He who hesitates is lost.” There are certain situations in life in which hesitating too long can cost you dearly. Listen in to Pastor…

When Do We Call on God?

July 10, 2022
Pastor Will Cravens’s sermon on Joshua 8 & 9 What causes you to call out to God? What makes you seek Him? One of the critical mistakes that Joshua made…

Father’s Day Sermon

June 19, 2022
Watch our service,  as we celebrated our dads, and gave praise to our Heavenly Father for all He does in our lives. He is a good, good Father!

Unexpected Prison Break

April 24, 2022
Pastor Will Craves talks about Acts 12 and how it describes one of the most dramatic prison break accounts in history. Watch and consider what we might apply to our…

Do You Believe That?

March 27, 2022
Pastor Cravens carries on our study in the book of Acts. Looking at chapter 6-8, the work of God’s Spirit and the depth of commitment from the early followers was…