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Group 218 (1)

…so we, who are many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another. Since we have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, each of us is to exercise them accordingly..

— Romans 12:5-6

serve locally

At Bridge

Since we only have a few part-time staff, it leaves a lot of room for volunteers to step in, help, and make a difference.

Have a passion to serve? There are many areas where you can put your gifts, talents, and abilities to work.

Do you love to meet new people and just have that friendly personality? Entering a new church can always be a bit intimidating. We are looking for people you love to engage and can make our new guests feel welcomed from the second they walk into our church. Interested? Contact admin@bridgeloudoun.com

More opportunities to serve at church

Group 230 (12)
Serve with our Men’s Ministry
Group 231 (1)
Serve with our Women’s Ministry
Group 231 (2)
Serve with our Children’s Ministry
Group 231 (3)
Serve with our Teenager’s Ministry
serve locally

In the Community

There are many ways we can love one another and serve as needs arise. Here are a few of the ways we're here to help:

  • Group 230 (13)

    There's nothing like a fresh, hot meal to lighten a burden, share some joy, or bring some comfort in a time of need.

  • Group 230

    Need a bed, short on food, or have any other physical needs? We’ll do our best to provide the essentials!

  • Group 230 (3)

    Don’t underestimate food and fellowship before church in community-building! Donating a healthy and/or delicious snack makes showing up early and munching together even more rewarding.

  • Group 230 (4)

    Encouragement and understanding sent through snail mail, penned by loving hearts and stamped in prayer.

  • Group 230 (5)

    Home or hospital, we’ll come to you with some cheer, visiting, prayer, fun, or whatever else we can do to bring some JOY!

  • Group 230 (6)

    Stressful and laborious transitions in life shouldn’t happen alone. Many hands make packing or unloading much easier!

  • Group 230 (7)

    Home or car repair help, or sometimes just getting a project done or a toilet paper holder fixed is a great life boost and help!

  • Group 230 (8)

    Raised special funds for temporary financial assistance to those in the community facing setbacks.

    If you could use help, prayer or support, we would love to come alongside you and join your team. Please contact Admin@bridgeloudoun.com

Upcoming Events

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